Thursday, October 14, 2004

Day 2

We worked on double sticks, and double knife last night. I have a smashed pinky to prove it. The most dangerous part is what you do to yourself. Lose control of your weapon and you'll more likely hurt yourself than anyone else. It was interesting trading strikes with people I don't usually study with. Other students have different rhythms and it's invaluable to be able to adapt to a new partner's timing.

With the knife stuff we focused on smaller movements. Smaller circles. Once I got the hang of it, I felt a little more comfortable, but there comes a point where you just can't better unless you just have faith in yourself. It's a big jump, and I don't know that I made it very well.

We did a little open hand too. I'm a lot more comfortable with that, so I really tried focusing on using my footwork again. Eventually your feet will move naturally, but it takes a lot of practice. A lot of people, and even some martial arts schools, don't emphasize the importance of positioning your feet in a way that leverages your entire body's weight when punching.

I saw some old tapes of Mike Tyson's early training, and with every step he took he could put his entire body mass, and a lot of his leg strength, behind his punch. When he hit you it just wasn't his thick arms hitting you. It was his arm, leg, and torso muscles, along with the potential energy of his body weight. That's why he used to get so many early round knockouts I guess.


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