Monday, January 22, 2007

Capoeira Lyrics and Music - The Holy Grail

I can't believe it was sitting there right in front of me all this time. For those of you not familiar with Capoeira, music plays a HUGE role in the art. The problem (for me at least) is that all of the music is in Portuguese.

With a monolingual person like myself, that's no small hurdle. Learning songs in a different language is tough. In a lot of cases I find myself just mimicking the sounds, without knowing the words. If I know the words, I typically don't know their meaning. If I know the words, and their meaning, it doesn't necessarily mean I know what they sound like when sung.

So, when I found the links a the bottom of the Capoeira Music page at Wikipedia, it was like a breath of fresh air. Here are the direct links below,

I started with, which has some songs with lyrics and audio, but those Wikipedia links are great.