Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Spiritual Circuit

Throughout the course of the year I've been doing a lot of reading and research on past and current technology. All of this study has led me to the conclusion that we are special as individuals, and even more so in groups, teams, and communities. Much more so than most of us realize.

This process really began with the question, "How was the Great Pyramid of Giza built?" This led me to technologies that are modern, mundane, and frankly, hard to believe. I've come across videos demonstrating levitation, inventors and scientists whose discoveries are still taboo. But, this is not a discussion about them. It is a discussion about you and me.

After reading and seeing all of this "stuff", I came to a eureka moment. As a preacher's kid, and an engineer by training, I was always interested in Biblical technology. As interesting as the construction and dimensions of articles like Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant are, there seems to have been one technology that may have been missed, The Spiritual Circuit.

In the New Testament, Jesus is asked what the greatest virtue is. He names four: faith, hope, charity, and love, with love being the greatest of the group. As improbable as it is, it began to seem to me that it was these virtues that may have enabled the physical creation of the pyramids. I propose that faith, hope, charity, and love make up the Spiritual Circuit, with each of these assuming a property that corresponds to a basic electrical circuit.

Chi: The Current
In many religions, philosophies, and martial arts there exists the concept of chi. It is an energy that we all have, and is said to exist in all living things. Before I get too "out there", think of it this way. Chi is what you feel when you do something nice for someone. When you pick up trash that you didn't drop. It is the feeling of contentment that you get when you help someone with no expectation of something in return. When you see your child accomplish something. When your team wins a game. When you hear your favorite song, or when you finish reading a great book. That tangible feeling of energy, inspiration, and possibility is Chi.

For some, attaining and sustaining this energy is a repeatable event. One that gives us not just a good feeling, but the power to do things that many would consider miraculous. Things like dreaming about future events (prognosticating), healing someone with only intent and bare hands, reading minds (telepathy), and moving objects without any apparent physical interaction (telekinesis). So, why can't most of us do any of this? My guess, using the model of the Spiritual Circuit is that we have too much resistance.

Sin: The Resistor
We all have a sense of what we feel to be good and bad actions and behaviors. When we do something that's bad according to our own feelings, we sin. Maybe we throw trash out of a car window, use pirated software, watch porn, say or think something mean about someone, take a hit of that pipe, or cut someone off on the freeway intentionally.

Also, when we do something bad to our bodies, whether we know it's bad or not, we sin against ourselves. This could be in the form of a habit like smoking, eating donuts or hard candy, drinking alcohol, eating meat, or putting chemicals we don't know or understand on or inside our bodies in the form of things like make-up, lotion, fragrance chemicals in soaps, detergent, and cologne, or prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Every time something like this happens, we reduce the current (chi) in our spiritual circuit, and if you're like me, a lot of these things you do on a daily basis. It's no wonder that it would be hard to believe that someone could perform miracles with a constant bombardment of disabling behaviors. But, this brings us to the enabling behaviors of the Spiritual Circuit.

Faith: The Switch
A switch turns on and off the flow of current. Without it, we don't have the ability to turn the circuit on. In this sense, faith is the switch. By Faith, I simply mean having a belief system that allows you to accept that there is a greater energy than you alone that can be tapped into. Belief systems include Christianity, Muslim Religions, Catholicism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Satanism. As far as the Spiritual Circuit goes, it really doesn't matter what the rules are, as long as there is a belief that something exists that is greater than the self.

Hope: The Capacitor
In an electrical circuit, a capacitor serves the purpose of storing energy over time for a release over a shorter or longer period of time. Hope is like this in that it behaves like potential energy. The more hope you have, the more you can use it to define, inspire, and motivate what actions you take over time. I'll further define it as believing in something that can happen that you don't rightly believe is probable to happen.

I hope the Oakland Raiders win another Super Bowl, and I'll continue buying their schwag in support of this. I hope that my daughter will grow up and have a career and family that she is happy with, and I'll continue advising her with this goal in mind. Will the Oakland Raiders with the Super Bowl next year? Probably not. Will my daughter live happily ever after? Probably not. There will be enormous roadblocks to overcome in both cases, yet the hope that I have is constantly stored and released at opportune times in ways that I think will make a difference.

Charity: The Ground
A ground in an electrical circuit takes the excess energy so that the circuit doesn't overload. In the Spiritual Circuit, charity serves this purpose. Ideally, whatever excesses we have in resources, energy, or finances should go into helping someone else. When we have excesses, and keep them to ourselves, there are a number of administrative and petty issues that our attention must be focused on. How do we keep someone from taking our excess stuff? Where do we put it for safe keeping? Does my neighbor have more stuff than me? In its worst form, the lack of charity, or being grounded in a community turns into outright greed.

In my own readings on personal finance, every book written that I've come across instills the importance and necessity of giving back something of value. Whether it's "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived" by Steven K. Scott, "The Richest Man In Babylon" by George S. Clason, "Enough" by John C. Bogle, "How to Get Rich" by Felix Dennis, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, "The Warren Buffet Way" by Hagstrom, Miller, and Fisher, "How to Master the Art of Selling" by Tom Hopkins, or any other number of books that I can't recall, they all talk about giving a fair value for services, and most talk explicitly about the importance of charity in attaining financial success.

As Jesus stated, though, in the new testament, of all these virtues, the greatest is Love.

Love: The Transistor
A transistor has the ability to amplify and/or redirect a current. It is this ability to amplify chi and direct it that makes love such an important component of the Spiritual Circuit. If you have been in love and have it reciprocated, how does it feel in comparison to not being in love? If you have felt loved by a parent, a friend, or a fan, how does it feel in comparison to not having that feeling? My guess is that it felt better.

Imagine what the adulation a rock star, or professional sports athlete, or movie star must feel when they are performing and they are affecting the lives of millions of people with their art? That is the affect that one person's love for their profession can have. Imagine, again, that you are the fan at great movie, or watching your team win a championship live, or watching your band play your favorite song. You literally love it, and it's igniting and exhilarating.

As a San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area sports fan, I get amped up just thinking about Dwight Clark's "Catch" for the 49ers, or "The Play" by the Cal Bears, or watching Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, or Kenny King running a 70-80 yard play in a Super Bowl for the Raiders. Love is powerful, and it is largely a choice that we, individually, have a great deal of control over. Meaning, that we can
  1. produce this amplified state ourselves

  2. share it with anyone (one-to-one),

  3. use it to influence many other peoples lives (one-to-many), and

  4. receive it from anyone (many-to-one).

I'm cheating a little bit with these examples, because love is only the capacity to care, empathize, and show compassion, as well as direct that caring, empathy, and compassion to the person, group, animal, or object of our choosing. The concert and championship examples were actually examples of a completed Spiritual Circuit.

Let's take the sports analogy. First I believed that NFL football, and specifically, the Oakland Raiders, for example, to be important. I had faith in that system and organization. I then had hope that they could win the Super Bowl. As the season progressed, and as they began to look championship caliber, my hope became greater. The championship caliber state was the product of the team having low resistance, or in other words, not having impediments blocking their ability to play well. This made me commit more time to watching and discussing the Raiders, and spending my money to buy Raider garb. That committment could be described as my charity towards their effort.

After putting in all of this potential hope energy, I began to have a strong affinity for the team. I began to care, and empathize, and show compassion for them, and was able to share that with my brothers, my father, my friends, and with other Raider fans. And they were able to share it with me. In the years that this culminated in a Super Bowl victory, it became one of the most memorable moments of my life. It felt great.

This is one of the ways in which a Spiritual Circuit can create a miracle. I believe that these virtues can also be internalized and refined to a point that can allow individuals to do things that most would not consider possible. We all have examples of people who exhibited these powers: Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Confucius, Buddha. They are the keystones to today's religions, and they all believed that we individually have a great deal of untapped power. I have a Christian background. As such, Jesus' discussion of virtues is what I'm most familiar with, and time and again he states that the power to heal and create other miracles is within all of us. He considered himself no different than any of his disciples.

Physically speaking, new work on gravitons (a theoretical elementary) particle, and its relationship to what used to be referred to as ether are starting to bubble up. These particles may be affected by geometric shapes on macroscopic and microscopic scales and may be influenced by intent, which would imply a relationship to chi. They also may have relationship to zero point energy (i.e. unlimited energy sources). Music, or specifically, harmonics can also affect Chi (another signal amplifier?). No one can say for sure yet, but maybe Jesus wasn't that far off.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - Virus, Trojan, Annoying

I was in a conference room in Denver traveling on business when my Google search results started sending me to random pages. Bad. Same thing with Yahoo and Very bad.

The problem went away for a few days, but crept back up. I think it opened a door for some other stuff too, because my Firefox bookmarks got wiped out, and the background of the text for my desktop icons started to change. Danger. Danger!

So, now I had to do something. Our IT department wasn't much help, and I couldn't search anywhere. Then I realized that clicking the links in the search results didn't work, but the search engines mentioned earlier print the URL for cutting and pasting.

"Not a big deal", I thought. "I'll just see what McAfee has for this." The Trojan writers though about that though. Like my Google results, was blocked.

I found this forum post at that saved me. Apparently, the Trojan blocks the installation and update of Antivirus software and the like. In a nutshell, here are the instructions that are provided there:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel(This Computer) > System.

  2. Click the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager.

  3. Select View from the menu, then select Show Hidden Devices.

  4. Scroll down to Non-plug and Play Drivers and click the plus icon to expand the items.

  5. Look for TDSSserv.sys, right click it, then select Disable

    Note: If you select Uninstall, it will install itself again when you reboot the system so Don't!.

  6. Restart your PC

  7. Now you can install the software to kill it. Download, install, and run "MalwareBytes". You can get it from The filename will be mbam-setup.exe.

That should do it. Follow the MalwareBytes instructions and you should be home free. Now I can get back to redesigning, home of the world's best looking websites (shameless plug).