Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kali & Capoeira

I'm approaching my second full year in capoeira, and fourth year in kali. In my first year, I tried integrating some of the attacks I learned in capoeira into my kali class without much success. The way we practice in kali was just too fast for me to be able to even think of a capoeira move, let alone use it too. Now things are a little different.

I can now mix in cabecadas, rasterias, aus, chapas, martelos, rabo de arraias, bananeiras occasionally, and a bunch of other attacks I don't know the names of, all while moving at kali speed ... and, with a weapon in hand (check out Chimp's Capoeira Moves for descriptions and diagrams).

Speaking of which, a few weeks ago we did one exercise where I had to stay low to the ground while playing against someone with a long staff. My shin is still a little swollen from that class. What I learned from that experience is that au's and staff's don't mix. I'd get my back slapped every time I spun away while on the ground. What did work was a constant forward attack, and kicking motions. From a low position against a staff, that's pretty much all you can do. I don't want to think about what would have happened if a spear was used instead.

Recently in capoeira we've been working on one-handed moves (aus and macacos primarily). We worked on two-handed macacos. I probably won't be able to do those reliably for another few months. Using it while playing kali isn't even on the radar. Using kali in capoeira games was a lot easier.

Here's a random video from what I have saved at Youtube.